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vps serversIn the last decade the development in different web hosting servers has not only increased the competition but also the use and demand of these servers. Among these servers, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Servers are becoming quite popular when it comes to internet hosting. A VPS is simply a virtual machine with its own independent operating systems so you have access to full control over rebooting, shutting down and managing other tasks without causing any problem to other machines which are actually on the same physical server. However the question is why you should go for VPS Hosting particularly with one of the top ten unlimited hosting sites? You will have your answer by the end of this article.

Pocketbook and Wallet Friendly

When it comes to dedicated hosting, VPS is known for being very pocket-friendly. Many people go for shared web hosting because of its low costs however these days things have changed and more and more people are shifting to VPS hosting since it is more economical.

Most of the times you can get on a basic plan under $10 easily and if you’re looking for more advanced service then it will cost you less than $100 and offer a lot of useful services. It is quite flexible to upgrade as well because you just have to request your service provider to upgrade or downgrade (if you want) your hosting package.

Reliability and Security

As compared to the shared hosting, VPS is much better in terms of reliability and especially the security. This is because users of VPS hosting have access to improve their security through different firewalls and options to customize them. Moreover VPS has filled the security loopholes which are found in the shared hosting that if one website gets hacked it poses a great threat to other websites on the same server as well. Additionally you can get access to different testing tools for loading a website to check its functionality before you make it live.

Improved Control

Another good thing about VPS hosting is that the controls have been greatly improved and users can install different operating systems of their own choice and also improve the performance of the server by tweaking it. In addition, installing your own scripts and different applications to smoothly run your websites is surely a treat. This all is possible because VPS hosting gives complete root access to you.

Improved Performance

This is good news for the users of VPS. Since you have a dedicated CPU, bandwidth and memory and you can also get access to full root therefore the performance of server improves greatly. This is something you can’t get on shared servers because the resources are shared as well, but in case of VPS, you will have full control over these configurations.

These are few of the many answers or reasons as why you should go for VPS hosting. It’s all about control, privacy, better performance and affordability. Moreover if you don’t like to manage the hosting on your own then you can opt for managed hosting services where they will handle and do maintenance of your website.

Unlimited Hosting?

Make sure that you investigate claims of unlimited hosting as many are in fact too good to be true.  There are however, some great unlimited hosting deals out there.  If unlimited hosting is your need then one of the top ten unlimited web hosting sites  might interest you. Sometimes unlimited hosting can be a good deal.  Other times, its far from limited so be sure to check reviews and details of these claims.