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offshore vps hostingHosting your website in another country, or offshore hosting is an attractive option to entrepreneurs for a variety of reasons. Of course there are the normal factors such as price and uptime, but many turn to offshore VPS hosting for cultural, legal and even political reasons. Those living in the United States often choose Asia (Singapore, Hongkong, etc), India, the Netherlands and Germany. Still, new networks and data centers are popping up in places such as Israel, Brazil, Panama and Russia. One can often find a host in any country they desire. Each offers its own advantages and sets of challenges. Research and verification is an absolute must to ensure the integrity of your web presence.

Data Center & Redundancy
Climate control, backup generators, UPS monitoring and even floating floors have become industry standards and demanded by professional businesses. Redundancy should be a key focus of any well run data center. Don’t consider any web hosting company whom you suspect may be lacking in any of these areas. Disasters and accidents will happen. Good hosts manage these problems efficiently, allowing you to focus on moving your business forward.

Communication can be a crippling pitfall when dealing with offshore webhosts. As their customer, there will inevitably come a time when you need to reach out to them for help. Do they have bilingual customer service representatives and employees to serve you? What hours are available? Do they have a responsive email support address? If not, turning your idea into a functional website will never materialize and your investment wasted.

Test Account
Avoid some common pitfalls with a test account. Most webhosts will allow you a temporary, or test account if they believe you to be a serious customer. After all, it is perfectly normal for you to have valid concerns regarding the inner workings and configuration. If you do not think a test account is necessary, then consider these questions:

Having a VPS will overcome many of these obstacles, yet it is always good to make sure and test.  If you intend on building anything other than a cookie cutter website you will need this functionality.