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best web hosting servicesThere is much debate about whom offers the best web hosting services.  With so many hosting providers to choose from, it is very difficult to choose just one and even professional webmasters may disagree with one another when presented with this question.  First and foremost, it is about your web hosting needs and what works well for some might not end up so well for others.  Still, there are certain services than have become more or less standard, or default as a tech-saavy shopper might say.  Armed with this knowledge, there are several things which anyone should expect of a superior web host.


We can not stress how important this is.  Managing a web hosting network is very technical stuff and yes, inferior web hosting companies will have outages, some more severe than others.  On the other hand, a good company will have have actual 99.9% uptime.  You should almost never have to worry about hosting problems causing outages.  If an inferior web host has down time as result of a data loss, you could be in for big trouble.  Any experienced web host will have in place redundancy plans which will protect you and keep your website running even in the most extreme circumstances.

Network Speed & Bandwidth

Many individual factors will determine how quickly your web host can serve up your web pages to the masses.  One of which is the physical geographical location of your hosting companies data centers.  Inevitably, greater distances will result in slower network speed and page load times.  Yet other factor is the equipment used to route traffic and data.  Switches are large pieces of your hosting company’s network and good ones do not come cheap.

Of course up-time and and network infrastructure ore two of many other factors to consider when choosing a webhost.  They are however, beyond the focus of this writing.

In conclusion, the web hosting industry is very competitive and there are literally thousands of companies to choose from.  Is there a single company that offers the best web hosting services for everyone?  Arguably not, but there are some very good ones that are great at what they do.


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