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Essex Web DesignIt’s hard to believe it, but in just a couple of months it’ll be 2014.  One of the keys to staying on top of your profession is ensuring that you are aware of the latest trends, and that’s even more the case when you working in a visual field such as Essex web design.  Because of this, we’ve put together this list of some of the key trends we think are going to take over in 2014:

Flat design

We believe that one of the keys to web design in 2014 is going to be ‘flat’ design, i.e. design that displays its 2D-ness loud and proud by avoiding any 3D effects such as drop-shadows and heavy textures.   If it’s brash and flat, it should be a part of your portfolio in the new year!

Various typography

This is quite a tricky technique to get right, but you can be sure that various fonts used in conjunction with each other on one site design will have the pages looking seriously cutting edge.  There’s a definite plus to this trend: being able to vary the typography used gives any web designed a whole lot more room to be experimental with.

Single pages

The advent of search engine optimisation and general digital marketing has meant that the last few years have been dominated by websites that spread across many different pages.  However, it seems quite likely that single page sites will come back in vogue during the next year or so, with users instead able to scroll up and down one large page to view the different pieces of content contained on the site.

Huge background images

This one has already been making itself apparent across recent designs.  The idea of one, very high-res image playing the part of the site’s background can be an extremely effective one.  If the image itself is right, it can look genuinely stunning and clean-cut.  It can be a genuine antidote to the multitude of wordpress-alike pages currently clogging up the web.

Responsive design

‘Responsive design’ has become another buzz-term within the last few months, and you can be sure that it’ll be on the tongues of more than one hip-designer next year.

Mobile websites

Mobile traffic is accounting for more and more visitors, with tablets and smart-phones almost uniform amongst certain demographics.  This means that it’s essential for any website being constructed in 2013 to be compatible with mobile devices.

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