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uk web hostingThousands of new domains are registered and new websites are created every week.  All of those websites need to be hosted somewhere and it is always nice to stay local if possible and at the very least work with a hosting company in your own country.  For example, if your company is in the United Kingdom, you probably want to naturally choose UK web hosting over say offerings from the USA or Asia.  Doing so will have many immediate benefits, such as the ability to communicate in your native language and same time zone.  This will save you frustration, time and money.  Of course a customer from any country could select a host in England if the wanted.

The scope of this article is UK web hosting and fortunately there are many reputable companies to choose from.  UK web hosting has come into its own recently although the US has been a mainstay in the industry.  A quick search on your preferred search engine will reveal thousands of companies offering UK hosting.  1 and 1, FastHosts, Eukhosting and Squirrel Hosting are just a very small sample of the many UK wbe hosting companies ready to serve you.

Don’t forget, the qualities that make for a good webhost are universal and not limited by the boundaries of geography.  The same factors that make for a good hosting experience in the US also hold true in the UK.

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