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tso host reviewTSO web hosts are a United Kingdom based web hosting company infamous for great support and up time.  They offer many variations and flavors of web hosting and server types along with just about everything else you might need for a professional website including SSL certificates and domain registration services.  Industry-standard server management tools such as CPanel and WHM are also offered as part of hosting packages and upgrades.

TSOHost has a long history of success dating back to their formation in 2003.  A current customer survey rated them 4.9 out of 5 based on 495 customer reviews.  Quite an achievement if you consider the fierce and competitive nature of the website hosting industry.

Cloud Hosting

Not only does TSOHost offer the industry-standard features many have come to expect, they also offer Cloud Hosting which has become an invaluable service to some customers in the web hosting industry.  Their infrastructure has been optimized for many popular web applications, many of which you can install with a few clicks within your web hosting control panel.  Perhaps best of all, is their “Unlimited Package” offer which is extremely competitively priced and value minded.  A great way for a small business to keep their technology costs down.

Overall, the user reviews of their experiences with TSO Hosting speak for themselves.  If you are in need of hosting services then they should be in your list of top 5 to consider, especially if you are needing a U.K. hosting solution.

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coupon code for hostgatorSearching for a coupon code for Hostgator?  Then keep reading on.  You like many others have decided to give Hostgator a try.  And why shouldn’t you?  After all, they are a very popular web hosting company with often stellar reviews.  We don’t think there is anything wrong with such a decision.  Just make sure that you don’t say full price because there is absolutely no need to!

Yes, there are plenty coupon codes for Hostgator web hosting.  In fact, there are probably hundreds if not thousands available at any given moment online.  Expect to find coupons for percentage and dollar amount off, as well as free hosting add-ons.  Most of these coupons are simply a short combination of letters and numbers that you can conveniently copy and apst into a “coupon code” filed during the checkout process.  Don’t forget they usually offer deep discounts for annual subscriptions.  Hostgator is a good company to work with, otherwise we could not recommend paying this far in advance to a web hosting company, less you be burned.  You can however save a large amount of money by stacking annual subscriptions with available coupon codes.  We recommend you try various combinations until you find what saves you the most before clicking the checkout button.



uk web hostingThousands of new domains are registered and new websites are created every week.  All of those websites need to be hosted somewhere and it is always nice to stay local if possible and at the very least work with a hosting company in your own country.  For example, if your company is in the United Kingdom, you probably want to naturally choose UK web hosting over say offerings from the USA or Asia.  Doing so will have many immediate benefits, such as the ability to communicate in your native language and same time zone.  This will save you frustration, time and money.  Of course a customer from any country could select a host in England if the wanted.

The scope of this article is UK web hosting and fortunately there are many reputable companies to choose from.  UK web hosting has come into its own recently although the US has been a mainstay in the industry.  A quick search on your preferred search engine will reveal thousands of companies offering UK hosting.  1 and 1, FastHosts, Eukhosting and Squirrel Hosting are just a very small sample of the many UK wbe hosting companies ready to serve you.

Don’t forget, the qualities that make for a good webhost are universal and not limited by the boundaries of geography.  The same factors that make for a good hosting experience in the US also hold true in the UK.

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hostgator-coupon-codes-for-2013Hostgator is arguably the most popular and trusted webhost in the United States and the world.  Perhaps one reason is they make it really easy to sign up for theirs services along with offering big discounts through specials and coupons.  They will even migrate your website from another webhost to to their servers for free.  Every year Hostgator will offer new coupons for their world renowned services.

Are you searching for a hostgator coupon code 2013?

Hostgator coupon codes will often include free add ons and/or free months of pay in advance discounts.  Free add ons such as dedicated IP addresses,  SSL certificates, apps, extra storage or bandwidth and even toll free phone numbers for your business are common place.  If you know where to look, you can probably find coupons for free months of hosting as well as ones for a percentage off.  At any given time there are hundreds of coupon codes floating around in cyber space just waiting to be used to your advantage.

If you are thinking of changing web hosting companies to Hostgator, you are definitely not alone.  Don’t get that credit card out without using a coupon!  With so many coupons available making it so easy to save money, you would be foolish not to.  A quick search will reveal many ways to save big money when choosing Hostgator web hosting.


uk-webhost-reviewWhy would one consider a web host in the United Kingdom?  When considering various web hosting companies online, you will quickly learn that many are located in North America.  What if you live in the United Kingdom and are attempting to target a more local demographic?  Studies have shown that the physical location of your web server and related IP address do influence local search engine results pages to a degree.  Furthermore, it is always nice to deal with someone in your own time zone when issues occur.  Yet another scenario is one in which a company in a foreign country is needed to target UK customers.  In this case one should strongly consider a UK hosting company and the immediate advantages of local organic search results it may have over hosting in a country you are not targeting.

The geographic location of your host is indeed important to the search engines, however this is but one factor to consider in the big picture of successfully hosting your website.  Things such as uptime, customer service response times, backups and network speeds are universally important to the success of any website presence.  Even so, if your chosen demographic resides outside your home base of operations, logistical issues that arise from hosting outside your home country should be expected.

Have your website hosted in the same country as your target demographic can give you a competitive advantage, but it is only one factor of many in maintaining a successful online presence.  To see an honest review of one popular hosting company in the United Kingdom, visit .

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minecraft-server-hostingMinecraft is a game that is ever-increasing in popularity.  Since its release in 2011, nearly 12 million people have purchased the PC/Mac version alone.  This number does not account for the numbers playing on video game consoles or smartphones.  This number is growing steadily every single day.  Minecraft has become more a lifestyle than a game to some.  With so much growth and popularity, the ever expansive game continually demands more server resources to host its growth.

This growth is sustained with individual servers or nodes as they are sometimes referred.  This gives hardcore gamers and entrepreneurs alike the ability to set up their own Minecraft environment while monetizing the traffic in any number of ways.  However, this type of hosting is fairly technical and not for the faint of heart.  This has led to the rise of Minecraft server hosting services as managed solutions.

These solutions start at just $4 per month, making them attractive options for gamers and business people alike. However, as with other kinds of hosting, there are mistakes to be avoided and certain things that should be expected of a solid Minecraft webhost.

One click plugins are a great added feature to save you time and frustration.  The ability to customize fully will be needed as your Minecraft environment grows with more users.  Also, some companies or packages will limit the number of Mincecraft players you are able to have, known as a “player cap”.  Something to keep in mind as you select your Minecraft hosting.  Last but not least, 24 hour support should be standard.




pay as you go webhostingPay as you go or “pay per month” plans have  been around a while in many industries.  The same is true for the hosting industry.  Many hosting companies will offer pay as you go hosting but will steer you towards their annual or biannual product or contract.  Others don’t offer monthly payment plans at all and will lure you into the signup process only to discover a large amount is due for annual fees at the end.  If you are a small business or just starting out, every penny counts.  Even though you may actually save money by opting for longer web hosting contracts overall, it can be a nice benefit to invest that money elsewhere as your business grows.

Month to month hosting is also a good option for trying a new web host before making a big commitment.  Unfortunately, there are many sub-par web hosting in the market place that will make hosting your website a headache or even take your money and run.  Data lost and lack of integrity will cost you much more than any web hosting bill ever will.  Try before you buy is an approach by which you can’t lose when selecting a place to host your website.

You should be afforded all of the same options with pay per month hosting as offered with annual contracts.  You can easily find many Windows and Linux based web hosts that offer monthly payment plans.


If you would like to learn more about pay as you go hosting, we recommend you take a look at for more information.



month to month webhostingWe’ve all seen it before.  Hosting companies will lure you in with promises of cheap hosting for as little as a few dollars per month.  So you add the package that suits your needs to your cart, only to find limited subscription options when you try to checkout.  Annual, biannual and even triannual subscription payment plans that add up to hundreds of dollars must be paid in order to continue.  Or worse yet, that great price only applies if you pay for years in advance.

There are several problems with this approach.  Firstly, if you have never used a particular hosting company before, you may find that they are subpar after a week or two of hosting.  Then you will have to fight them to get the rest of your money back.  Wasting precious time that could have been used to build and improve your new website.  They may not want to give it back at all, depending on the fine print in their terms of service.

Another reason is that this almost ensures you will be their customer for a long period of time, even in the face of stiff competition.  If they later offer a special or lower their price, you will be at a premium since they have you locked in at a predetermined rate.

Why do hosting companies do this?

It’s simple really.  They want you to commit to today’s price for a long time.  It helps their bottom line.  While hosting prices do fluctuate some, they generally decrease as technology becomes cheaper and more available.  We recommend an annual payment option only after you have thoroughly tested and built a relationship with a company.

Month to month hosting

In our opinion, a solid and ethical hosting company will offer a month to month payment option, alongside any annual billing options they may offer.  That is, if they are legitimate and have nothing to hide and not only trying to part you with your hard earned money.  Many will even offer you an account to test with for free, but only for a small amount of time. Read more… 

offshore vps hostingHosting your website in another country, or offshore hosting is an attractive option to entrepreneurs for a variety of reasons. Of course there are the normal factors such as price and uptime, but many turn to offshore VPS hosting for cultural, legal and even political reasons. Those living in the United States often choose Asia (Singapore, Hongkong, etc), India, the Netherlands and Germany. Still, new networks and data centers are popping up in places such as Israel, Brazil, Panama and Russia. One can often find a host in any country they desire. Each offers its own advantages and sets of challenges. Research and verification is an absolute must to ensure the integrity of your web presence.

Data Center & Redundancy
Climate control, backup generators, UPS monitoring and even floating floors have become industry standards and demanded by professional businesses. Redundancy should be a key focus of any well run data center. Don’t consider any web hosting company whom you suspect may be lacking in any of these areas. Disasters and accidents will happen. Good hosts manage these problems efficiently, allowing you to focus on moving your business forward.

Communication can be a crippling pitfall when dealing with offshore webhosts. As their customer, there will inevitably come a time when you need to reach out to them for help. Do they have bilingual customer service representatives and employees to serve you? What hours are available? Do they have a responsive email support address? If not, turning your idea into a functional website will never materialize and your investment wasted.

Test Account
Avoid some common pitfalls with a test account. Most webhosts will allow you a temporary, or test account if they believe you to be a serious customer. After all, it is perfectly normal for you to have valid concerns regarding the inner workings and configuration. If you do not think a test account is necessary, then consider these questions:

Having a VPS will overcome many of these obstacles, yet it is always good to make sure and test.  If you intend on building anything other than a cookie cutter website you will need this functionality.

data centerIf you purchase third party web hosting, chances are that your website is served up from a data center.  Any serious hosting company will use a datacenter, and you should sharply avoid any hosting company that does not make available their data center information.  Simply put, a datacenter is a facility used to house computer systems and associated components.  Its operation will in large part determine the success or failure of your website.  Dealing with an outdated or understaffed datacenter will cost you precious time and money.


Datacenters are located all over the world.  Is your web host’s data center located in an area that is prone to natural disasters or political upheaval?  If so, then you should seriously consider another hosting company.  Most hosts have clauses included in their user agreements that protects them from data loss liabilities should such an event occur.  Although there are thousands of webhosts to choose from, there are far fewer datacenters behind the scenes.  Many webhosts are simply resellers and their server space is actually located in the same datacenter as numerous others.  Larger webhosts usually have their own datacenters while smaller operations and third parties rent space from one of the main companies.


Modern datacenters will be climate controlled facilities with both temperature and humidity controls.  There should be systems in place to prevent sudden temperature changes as electronic components have shown to be more sensitive to sudden changes than anything else in regards to temperature.   Many engineers concede that ideal operating temperature is 68 – 72 degrees Fahrenheit or sightly below.  Humidity should also be kept at bay.  Too much humidity will promote corrosion while too little will allow static electricity to build up.  The risk of ESD (electrostatic discharge) increases as the humidity decreases.  ESD can cause both permanent hardware failure and data loss.


Datacenters are full of routers, switches, Ethernet cables and conduits.  The firmware and hardware of outdated switches and routers will route traffic slower than their modern counterparts and the planning of the overall network will also affect its efficiency and speed.  Uptime is perhaps the most important single aspect in gauging the quality of a webhost and it should be 99% and above.  Don’t waste your time with anything less.  Web hosting isn’t exactly a new science these days and the best web hosting companies hold high standards in regards to network uptime, and so should you.


Last but not least is the physical hardware of the machine(s) your data is hosted on.  Once again, newer technology is usually best, as processor speed and data storage capabilities typically double every 18 months in the computer science arena.  A professional datacenter is complete with redundancy components and server hardware is updated on a regular basis.  Optimally, maintenance and upgrades will be managed by one or more teams of Information Technology professionals.

This article is just a small window into the world of datacenters.  One could easily spend several hundred hours examining more details of datacenter operations.   Datacenters are the inner workings behind every webhost and not all are created equal.  Many items must converge for a webhost to be considered truly center

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