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Do you need the peace of mind in hosting with an offshore web host? Let’s face it – a good offshore host is difficult to find.  Many are over-priced and seldom hold up to their 99.9% uptime guarantee. You might find yourself asking why.  The main reason is that these types of data centers are very difficult to manage.  People often seek out offshore or “bulletproof” hosting with every intent of abusing the service.  Those in control of the offshore hosting operation must be extremely knowledgeable and resourceful.  For this reason, there are only a handful of reliable offshore hosting providers.

Many savvy website owners will seek out hosting in the Netherlands, Germany, Asia and Russia to accommodate their needs.  Network speeds in Asia can be crippling and most experienced webmasters will shy away from this geographical region.  Both the Netherlands and Germany are well networked, however, foreign governments are beginning to have more and influence on what types of material are hosted in these countries.

Considering the above factors, Russia may become your only option.  Russia has very little in the way of Copyright law and datacenters located in major cities such as Moscow enjoy fast network speeds.  There are also many Russian natives who are very well versed in Information Technology.  Some of the best underground software originates in Russia.

Experienced webmasters already realize how difficult it can be to find a reliable and knowledgeable offshore host.  Many offshore hosts are simply sub-standard, and others can and will disappear overnight, with your data!

Find out the guarded hosting SECRET that successful entrepreneurs do NOT want you to know. Obtain a Russian dedicated server for only $60 per month!

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