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WestHost VPS Review


Even though you may have never heard of them, WestHost has been in business since 1998. Originally specializing in VPS hosting, they now offer a full range of hosting services to include shared, cloud and dedicated hosting. Their high tech datacenter and headquarters are located in Providence, Utah.

We used WestHost for several years back when they were young and fresh. For many years, they were both affordable and reliable. Then something changed, we experienced one uptime related issue after another until a week long hiatus finally prompted our decision to change webhosts. This happened about the same time they were bought by another larger company, UK2 hosting of the United Kingdom. We are aware of many other past and present customers with similar experiences. Since we personally have not used their services in a few years, it is possible they have sorted some or all of the issues by now. Unfortunately, the customer reviews say otherwise and for these reasons, we wouldn’t recommend WestHost even though their pricing structure and website are attractive.